Quietly building affordable, quality suppressors in Iowa


Quick Draw II is a small manufacturing company located in Manning, IA owned by 2 old guys that want to build quality products that use tried and true designs.  We use everything that we make and sell, and have for years.  We enjoy our work and will continue to do this as long as God is willing and we are able.  Check out the products page to see our current offerings. 

We do very little advertising and our products sell mainly by word of mouth.  If you like our products, tell your friends,  if not, then tell us!  We don't wish to be the biggest or even have to work that hard, so bear with us as we grow.  

Thank you, Mike & Mike

Contact Mike Swanson at quickdguns2@gmail.com  /  (402) 490-4757


Contact Mike Massey at quickdguns3@gmail.com